Beat the heat with an air conditioning system from Mr. Furnace


Temperatures just  seem to get hotter  every summer, so the demand for better and more efficient air conditioning systems is important to the quality of life.  Mr. Furnace has solutions to keep every home cool and comfortable when the humidex takes  over on those summer days and nights.


Air conditioning – then and now

In its earliest form, air conditioning was as simple as hanging wet reeds. Ancient Egyptians are said to have placed the reeds in their windows where the wind could be cooled by the evaporating water as it passed through into the home. We’ve come a long way since then with technology, but the concept is essentially the same. Today we use refrigerant instead of water and a blower motor instead of relying on the wind. Hot air is exhausted from the house and  refrigerant is run through a coil that sits on top of your furnace and it leverages the blower motor in the furnace to blow air over the coil to cool it before pumping it through the duct system in your home to the vents in your rooms. Warm air is recycled back down to the furnace to go through the process again, creating a continuous cycle of cool air within your home.


Let Mr. Furnace’s Home Comfort Experts help you choose the right type of air conditioning for your home:


Mr. Furnace can help you choose the best air conditioning system for your needs and we will take care of a quality installation. We’re with you every step of the way, for all of your maintenance and repair services as well. Contact us to learn more.