Dryer vent cleaning FOR Niagara and St. Catharines


Have a professional properly clean your dryer vents


A clean dryer vent is advantageous to your wallet and possibly your life:

  • Save your dryer
    Lint build up can drastically reduce your dryer's performance and increase the number of cycles you need to dry clothing, a clean dryer vent can lengthen the life span of your dryer
  • Save time and money
    A clean vent reduces drying time, therefore reducing your electric bill
  • Save your home and your life
    Over 18,0000 residential fires a year in North America are caused by a lint-clogged dryer vent


 Contact Mr. Furnace to talk to us about our dryer vent cleaning services.


NBC did a special on the dangers of having a clogged dryer vent, you can view the video below:

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