Air conditioning that leverages your existing furnace and duct system


If your home is already equipped with ductwork and a forced air furnace, then you are in an ideal situation to consider forced air air conditioning. Air conditioning is essentially about heat transfer. The unit essentially draws in heated air from your home via return air vents. An evaporator coil filled with refrigerant draws or absorbs heat from the air before cycling to the condenser coil in an outdoor unit where it releases the heat.


The blower motor in your furnace is then used to move the cooled air through your duct system to the vents throughout your home. Because it leverages the power of your furnace to distribute the cool air, both a furnace and ductwork are required for a forced air system. Air conditioners also remove humidity from the air to keep you comfortable. . Mr. Furnace will  help you to determine the right type and size of unit for your home by completing a heat gain assessment.


Energy efficient advancements in air conditioning technology

Increasing efficiencies in newer air conditioner models give you more control over the cost of running your air conditioner as well as the temperature in your home. Most models today require less electricity to do their job (based on the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER), so they are better for your bottom line while also benefiting the environment.


The benefits of forced air air conditioning include:

  • Straightforward installation
  • Energy and cost effectiveness
  • Dehumidifies air as it cools it


Talk to Mr. Furnace today to set up an appointment for a heat gain assessment for your home. We can also help with maintenance and repair of your existing air conditioning system.

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