Is your furnace ready for the winter?


Why is furnace maintenance so important?

A broken down furnace during the middle of a cold winter is a major hassle. Scheduling regular maintenance by a licensed and certified heating expert is the best way to prevent it from happening. You'll benefit from a unit that runs efficiently for years, and as a bonus you'll save money through improved energy.


What's included in a maintenance service with Mr. Furnace?

Find out what we do to keep your furnace performing throughout our long Canadian winters:


  • Safety check
    To keep you and your family safe, we make sure your furnace isn't harbouring carbon monoxide fumes.
  • Cleaning
    The filter and burner compartment can collect dust and dirt over time, and this can impair your furnace's performance. We keep them clean.
  • Inspection
    To keep your warm air flowing steadily, we inspect the blower wheel and clean it. We also check on the burner flame, make any necessary adjustments to the gas and air.
  • Checklist
    We ensure that the combustion chamber and heat exchanger in your furnace are fully operational. We also check the pilot safety timing or flame sensor, and we'll replace the thermocouple when it's wearing out. Motors, belts, the thermostat, and the safety controls are also all checked and cleaned or adjusted as needed.
  • Lubrication
    Moving parts can get dried out with all of the hot, dry, dusty air that filters through you furnace, so we lubricate those parts to keep them working.


If safety, reliability, and efficiency are important to you in your home heating system, then be sure to schedule regular maintenance for your furnace. Book your furnace maintenance appointment with Mr. Furnace today and ask about our maintenance contract to make it even easier to enjoy warmth in your home, winter after winter.

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