Warm air throughout your home


The majority of home furnaces today are known as forced air furnaces. This means simply that hot air from the furnace is moved to each room in your home via a series of ducts. Ducts end at a vent in a given room, and the warm air is distributed for your comfort. The furnace itself uses a heat exchanger (sometimes called an element or coil), a blower motor, an air filter, and various components for controlling temperature throughout your home. You have control of all of this simply by setting the temperature for your home with a thermostat.


Energy efficient forced air furnaces for your home


Natural gas is the most common power source for forced air furnaces. Forced air furnaces have become increasingly energy efficient as technology has improved over time. Forced air furnaces can be up to 96% efficient, meaning less heat escapes from your home so it doesn’t need to run as long or as often to maintain a comfortable temperature. This is a notable improvement over the first natural gas furnaces which were often only 50% efficient. Newer models are also more adaptable in their blower motor and gas valves, giving you more control to fine tune the heat in your home.


Increased efficiency benefits you in multiple ways. Not only is your family more comfortable in your home with fewer variations in temperature, but your energy and utility costs are reduced and your environmental impact is lessened as you use less natural gas to keep it running.


Get to know the benefits of a forced air furnace:

  • On average, new forced air furnaces are very  efficient
  • Utility costs can be reduced as you use less natural gas and electricity for your furnace
  • Forced air furnaces  achieve your ideal warmth quickly and reliably
  • They  reduce dust and achieve better air quality through built-in air filtration
  • Ventilation is also improved through continual air movement and fresh air intake
  • Installation is relatively simple
  • A new forced air furnace  adds to the value of your home
  • Provides  the basis  for installing central air conditioning


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