If you're not a fan of dry, itchy skin, static cling, and shocks, you're not alone. Winter creates these and other unpleasant side effects in the home due to the very dry air produced by your furnace. One of the most common requests we receive from clients is how to reduce all the static in their home. Get to know the causes of static electricity, how to reduce it in your home, and other tips for preventing static build-up in the home.


What causes static electricity?

Static electricity refers to the build-up of an electric charge on the surface of objects. Essentially, when electrons move from one surface to another through direct contact. If the surfaces are both insulators, they'll build up an electrical charge. One object will have a positive charge (because it lost electrons) and one will have a negative charge (because it gained electrons). If one of the charged objects then touches a conductor, like a piece of metal, the charge will neutralize itself, causing a static shock.


Reduce static electricity in your home by adding more humidity to the air

The most effective way to increase the humidity level in your home is to install a humidifier. Raising the humidity level in your home via a humidifier will reduce random static shocks, static cling, and static in your hair. The water particles in the humid air will break up static charges more quickly. More humidity in your home will also limit electric shocks around computers and electronics, which can cause damage.


Tips for preventing static build-up at home

  1. Wear cotton clothing instead of wool
  2. Wear leather-soled shoes instead of rubber-soled
  3. Rub fabric softener sheets on furniture and clothing periodically
  4. Spray static guard on carpets and clothing*
  5. Incorporate more plants into your home
  6. Utilize the ‘metal-to-metal’ strategy by touching doorknobs and racks with keys or silverware to break up the charge instead of letting it build up


The drop in temperature that accompanies winter pulls moisture right out of the air, and this is worsened when the furnace pumps dry, warm air throughout your home. Incorporating these simple methods will make a world of difference in your home that will be noticeable in everything from how the air feels when you breathe it in to how you can pet the cat or get dressed without experiencing a shock.


Contact Mr. Furnace Right Time today to schedule an appointment to learn more about your options for installing a new humidifier in your home or to discuss how we can help improve any of your current home comfort systems.


*for the DIY version mix 1 cap of liquid softener with water in a spray bottle.

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