While everyone appreciates the warmth provided by their furnace, most of us are not as keen on the drying effects it has on our skin or the static electricity it can contribute to in our homes. A humidifier can be added to your home comfort system to balance moisture levels in your home during the long, dry months of winter.


Anyone who has survived a high humidex summer  knows that moisture in the air can make everything feel warmer. When it comes to your furnace, this can help you to reduce your energy costs. A humidifier distributes water vapour throughout your home via your air ducts, and that added humidity means you can keep your furnace set to a lower temperature while enjoying  a   better  feeling of warmth and comfort.


Humidifier benefits include:

  • Breathing is more comfortable without dry throats and noses, which may help to fight off colds and flu viruses
  • Skin is less likely to become uncomfortably dry due to furnace heat
  • Static electricity is minimized
  • Save on energy costs as the right humidity helps your home feel warmer at a lower thermostat setting
  • Your home’s hardwood floors are less likely to crack and wallpaper is less likely to peel
  • Houseplants thrive  in a balanced  humidity environment
  • You get to set the level of humidity to suit your family’s preferences


Humidifiers can be incorporated into a new furnace installation or added-on to your existing system. Learn more by calling Mr. Furnace.

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